The McLean High School Band uses Charms, an on-line management system, to communicate with students and parents and to administer our band activities.

Use the School Code: fcpsmcleanhsband.

Click on the Charms Logo or here to log in.

Please keep your contact information up-to-date within Charms to ensure you receive all important band information!

Send any questions or issues to the Charms coordinator here or email

You will need your student's FCPS ID number as your initial password to access the functions you see here. If you have multiple students you can access all of their records by linking them together with one log in.

While you may see additional icons / functions, we only use Charms for the following functions:

Email Staff

Handouts & Files

Website Link

Functions such as Calendar, Event list, Volunteer, Online Store, Finances, and Forms are managed outside of Charms.