Scrip/Gift Cards

5% Benefit for the Band

Would you like to save money on band trip expenses? The Band Parent Association sells $100 gift cards, called "Scrip" for Giant and Safeway that we buy at a discount -- and we share that discount with band families by reducing the cost of band trips.

4% Benefit for the Band
For every $100 in Giant cards you buy, the band families benefit with $5 off the cost of the spring band trip.
For every $100 in Safeway cards you buy, the band families benefit with $4 off the cost of the spring band trip.
The more Scrip cards you purchase, the more we all save!

During the school year, Scrip will be for sale at concerts, band parent meetings, and football games. In between, or if these times are not convenient for you, please call or email to make arrangements to pick up Scrip cards.


Scrip Coordinator:  Karrie McMillan




Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there a limit to how much Scrip I can buy or how often I buy it?

A. The only limit is how many cards are available when you are ready to purchase. And since most of us spend a lot of money on groceries, its a great idea to always keep a gift card or two in your wallet!


Q. Can I use my Scrip at Safeway and Giant stores or online?

A. Yes. And you may even be able use Scrip to buy other gift cards from Giant or Safeway a great way to benefit the band while you are doing holiday or other gift shopping! Check out the rules at your local Giant or Safeway.


Q. How can I get started?

A. We have supplies of both Giant and Safeway gift cards. Contact us using the email or phone above to arrange a time to pick up what you need. We also bring scrip to most band events football games, concerts, band parent meetings. We take checks made out to MHSBPA or cash.