New for 2019-2020:

Parents Please Complete and Sign this .

Marching Band Commitment Form


This year we are sending everyone On-Line forms using DocuSign.

Required Forms which you will receive include:

Form A - Permission to Participate

Form B - Code of Behavior

Form C - Required Authorization to Administer Medication & Food Allergies / Dietary Needs

Form D - FCPS Participation Policies

Form E - Emergency Care Form

Form I  - Photo Permission

Form J - Tag Day and Raffle Day Information

These additional medical forms will be collected at a later date since they require physician signatures and cannot be collected via DocuSign. You will scan/email them to Mr. Weise. More info to follow.

Form F - Medication Authorization

Form G - Inhaler Authorization

Form H - Epi Pen Authorization

If you have any questions concerning the forms you should be receiving, contact