McLean High School Color Guard: Spin, Dance, Perform

The McLean High School Color Guard is a vital component of the Band Program. This extra-curricular ensemble performs with the Marching Band in the fall and as 3 scholastic Winter Guards for the remainder of the year. We work to build leadership, confidence, and pride in our students through our form of art.


After a highly successful marching band season where the McLean color guard beat out 20 other teams to get best color guard on 3 occasions and received the highest scores at two competitions for any caption, we are ready to start our winter season.

Check out the McLean Winterguard at the following sessions in November: _________. This will be training for JV but auditions for the Varsity team.

We are looking for a wide range of students to join our Varsity & JV teams, from HIGHLY trained dancers to students who are brand new to performance.  

If you are interested or have any questions please email us at If you are interested in joining but canít be at the above events, please email us for options.

Practices start mid-November!

What is Guard?

Modern color guard has evolved over the years into a form of entertainment that's a form of Dance Theater. It uses props, along with movement, to express dynamic passages in the music accompanying the show. A color guard is traditionally the visual representation of the music. Modern color guards use a mix of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance styles along with flags, sabres, rifles, swing flags, and a few other pieces of equipment to create a show. Acrobatics such as tumbling and lifts are also used.

Winter guard is similar to outdoor color guard (marched with a drum corps or marching band), except the performances are indoors on gymnasium floors through the winter season. The traditional marching band music heard during fall season is replaced with a recording of various musical genres. The gymnasium floor typically is covered by an individually designed tarp (called a floor mat or floor by members) that generally reflects the show being performed on it. To learn more about winter guard go to

A few examples of what indoor guard or Winter Guard is like:

Traditional color guard first began during the English reign around the time of the American Revolution. A band would accompany the soldiers to play music to keep their spirits up and to keep them in beat. Along with the band, they also had a soldier holding a flag with their colors on it.